Brush Pickup  BRUSH PICKUP

Is the last Monday of each month, March through November.  Changes may be necessary due to snow.

Sticks and branches not exceeding 4"in diameter may be placed on the curb in small bundles the Thursday before the last Monday.

Full tree removal (trunk and branches) is the responsibility of the property owner.

For additional info, please contact City Hall at (989) 345-0500. 



Tuesdays 2pm - 6pm & Saturdays 9am - 1pm

You must present your recycling card each time you use the facility.  Individuals without cards will be denied.

The Recycling Center is open to the following areas:
City of West Branch, West Branch Township, Ogemaw Township, Foster Township, Horton Township, Edwards Township, Churchill Township, Klacking Township, Logan Township, Cumming Township, and the City of Rose City



Water/Sewer bills are billed monthly on the last day of every month.
You have 60 days to pay your bill without penalty.  Partial payments are accepted at any time.

You may also set up an Automatic Withdrawal from your savings or checking account to pay water/sewer bills.  Call City Hall at 989-345-0500 for details.

Click here for the automatic withdrawal form.

NOTE:  If you believe that your water bill is higher than normal, please check for possible leaks within your home prior to making contact with City Hall or DPW.  Click here to see the most common cause of this problem and how to correct it.



Sidewalk Snow Removal remains the responsibility of the PROPERTY OWNER.  Failure to keep sidewalks clean may result in a charge to the property owner. 

The GOOD NEWS is that following most heavy snow falls (5"+) the City will move the snow once all of the roads have been cleared.


Parking  PARKING

No Overnight Parking - City Ordinance prohibits vehicles parking on City streets between the hours of 2am and 6am (November 1 thru March 31).

There is no parking in City lots between the hours of 2am and 6am without a permit.

Call City Hall at (989) 345-0500 for rules or exceptions. 



Taxes are based on calendar year January - December.  They are due on February 14th and August 31st of any given year.

Partial payments are accepted during tax bill time (July 1 through Feb. 28). 

You may also set up an Automatic Withdrawal from your savings or checking account to pay tax bills.  Call City Hall at (989) 345-0500 for details.

Click here for the form.
tax sign 

For more information contact City Hall at (989) 345-0500.