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Board Members 
Name  Term  Exp. Date  Email Address
Ken Walters (Mayors rep)  Mayor term   waltersk@westbranch.com 
Autumn Hunter  4 Year 2019 hunterwestbranchdda@gmail.com
Samantha Fabbri (Chair) 4 Year 2019 fabbriwestbranchdda@gmail.com
Sandy Rabidue (Treasurer) 4 Year 2020 rabiduewestbranchdda@gmail.com
Joanne Bennett 4 Year 2020 bennettwbcouncil@gmail.com 
Cathy Zimmerman 4 Year 2021 czimmermanwbcouncil@gmail.com
Joseph Clark (Vice-chair) 4 Year  2021 clarkwestbranchdda@gmail.com
Mike Cozad 4 Year  2022 cozadwestbranchdda@gmail.com
Erin Resteiner 4 Year 2022 resteinerwestbranchdda@gmail.com

The West Branch DDA meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon.
Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

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The West Branch DDA is designed to promote commerce in the Downtown District through beautification and economic development while preserving the historic aesthetics of the downtown community.

Some of the responsibilities and duties of the DDA are operation & maintenance of the downtown street lighting including the decorating of the light poles during the holidays, and the addition of flags through the summer season.  The Authority provides the Christmas lights for all of the trees in the downtown area, the snow removal of the downtown walks, as well as the purchase, planting and maintenance of the summer flowers that adorn the streets throughout the district.  The DDA's most recent project was the addition of the new Downtown Victorian Park.  The park has provided much needed restrooms in the downtown area, and is easily located with the display of a beautiful water fountain providing a magnificent centerpiece to Downtown Victorian West Branch.  This project also resulted in the installation of a connecting path to West Branch's beautiful Riverwalk. 
The Downtown Victorian Park is no doubtfully one of the largest projects the DDA has taken on.  It really came to be through a very unfortunate situation where a fire several years ago left a baron hole in the downtown area.  There were multiple attempts to sell the property to replace the retail location that once stood in that location, but with no success.  The property was becoming more of an eye sore as time went on and eventually by nature became an non-maintained, unwanted dog run which presented a list of problems all its own.

Through the diligent efforts of the West Branch DDA, The City Administration & the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, a Community Block Development Grant with 70/30 match was obtained.  The grant allowed the DDA to address the vacant lot bringing a practical vibrant space to the downtown district for all who visit to enjoy.   Please see below for some pictures of its construction...and by all means the next time you are in the downtown area, feel free to stroll into the park and admire its beauty. 

Downtown Victorian Park Project 2014
Vacant Lot  Future River Connect  Hidden Basement 1 
Excavation July 17, 14 RWC July 17, 14 PP 
July 17, 14 PP Fountain Base  Aug 4, 14 PP Bath House Aug 4, 14 PP 
Aug 5, 14 PP  Aug 6, 14 PP  Aug 12, 14 PP 
Aug 12, 14 PP  Aug 12, 14 RW  Aug 12, 14 RW 
Aug 14, 14 RW  Aug 14, 14 RW  Aug. 14, 14 RW
Aug. 14, 14 RW  Aug. 20, 14 PP  Aug. 20, 14 PP 
Aug. 20, 14 PP  Aug. 21, 14 RW   Aug. 21, 14 RW
Aug. 21, 14 RW  Aug. 21, 14 PP  Sept 10, 14 PP
Sept 10, 14 PP  Sept 12, 14 PP Sept 15, 14 PP 
Sept 17, 14 PP  Sept 17, 14 PP  Sept 18, 14 PP 
Sept 18, 14 PP  Sept 23, 14 PP  Sept 23, 14 PP 
Sept 25, 14 PP  Sept 25, 14 RW  Oct 1, 14 PP 
Oct 1, 14 PP  Oct 1, 14 PP  Oct 7, 14 PP 
Oct 7, 14 PP  Oct 7, 14 PP  Oct 7, 14 PP 
Oct 7, 14 PP  Oct 7, 14 PP Bath  Oct 7, 14 Bath