To Protect and Serve.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the West Branch City Police Department is to enforce all laws with fairness and impartiality, to establish community partnerships to prevent crime and to improve the quality of life for all.

This declaration of our department's mission can be condensed into the following equation:


The West Branch City Police Department is comprised of 1 Chief, 4 Patrolman, and 1 Secretary (see dept. staff).  The Department covers just over 1 square mile of area with a residential population of 2,000 people.  West Branch is the county seat of Ogemaw County, there is a large influx of people coming into the City every day.  The Department makes every attempt to utilize the latest equipment and technology to provide the citizens of West Branch with the best protection and service possible.

The City Police Office is located at 113 N. 1st Street, in the very center of the City.  The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.  If no one is at the office a phone is located just outside the door in a red box.  Just pickup the phone and you will be connected directly to Central Dispatch.  They will contact a City Officer for you and have them respond to your location.  The West Branch City Police Department is here for your assistance.  Don't hesitate to call.

Department Staff

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To Contact

West Branch City Police                        Phone:989-345-2627

113 N 1st Street                                 Fax:989-345-0083

         West Branch MI 48661                Email: westbranchpolice@westbranch.com