Administrative Policy for Agenda Items

Administrative Policy for Agenda Items

The City of West Branch utilizes the following administrative policy:

Any party seeking to be added to the agenda of a public meeting must provide the City Clerk with written notice of their intent to be added to said agenda no later than NOON three (3) business days prior to the day of the scheduled public meeting.  (Example: For instance, if an individual wanted to appear on the Agenda of an upcoming Council meeting as a "Scheduled Matter from the Floor", the individual would need deliver to the City Clerk a letter or email indicating their name and what subject they want to address and what meeting date they plan to attend so that our staff has enough time to add the issue to the Agenda and get the packets for meeting prepared and out to each Board/Council member in time prior to the start of the meeting--and said letter or email would have to be delivered no later than on noon three business days prior to the date of the meeting at which they wanted to attend).

The same policy pertains to written materials that individuals would like Council Members/Board Members/Commission Members to review prior to meetings--i.e., in order for said materials to be compiled, scanned, and inserted into packets for review, they must be received no later than NOON three (3) business days prior to the meeting in question.

NOTE--Nothing in this newly adopted administrative policy should be interpreted to override pre-existing policies set by ordinance, including procedures for reviews of zoning applications, etc., which may have their own standards regarding timelines for submission and review.

ALSO NOTE--This policy also does not prohibit parties from appearing at public meetings and speaking during "Public Comment" sections, nor does it prohibit parties from requesting to have their matters be considered as "Additions to the Agenda."  However, administrative policy will be such that administration may recommend that the respective Council/Board/Commission should postpone making any decisions regarding any issues brought up during "Public Comment" as well as any issues presented as "Additions to the Agenda" so that administration has sufficient time to research said issues and make recommendations to the respective Council/Board/Commission prior to a decision being made.

Moreover, it is also important to note that the West Branch City Council also has as its policy to limit public comment to 3 minutes and limit scheduled matters from the floor to 10 minutes, unless Council chooses to grant more time to the speaker.

Anyone with questions regarding these policies may contact City Clerk/Treasurer John Dantzer at (989) 345-0500.