LIKES FOR LIVES - Free AED for West Branch Police


LIKES FOR LIVES - FREE AED FOR WEST BRANCH POLICE. I just received notice from Heartsmart that we have 200 likes/comments towards giving credit to receive our free AED! We have work to do.... they notified me we have many more comments and messages...however, many are commenting and not "liking" the Heartsmart page.

PLEASE go to "Like" their Facebook page - along with writing a "Post" on their page referencing WEST BRANCH POLICE to give us credit towards the 1000 likes! You must LIKE and POST A COMMENT-West Branch Police.....for your vote to count! Share-Share-Share this and lets see if we can get a free AED for our West Branch Police!


"People coming together as a community can make things happen."

      ~Jacob Rees-Mogg~