Water Shut off Procedure

West Branch Department of Public Works
Mike Killackey DPW Superintendent
403 S. 1st St.
West Branch, Michigan 48661
Phone: 989-345-0408
Email: publicworks@westbranch.com

 Water Shut off Procedure:

 The City of West Branch and its DPW department would like to relay to the public information regarding the proper procedure in shutting off a water supply to a residential or a commercial facility, including in the event of water leaks, fire suppression system issues, etc..  This procedure has been developed so there will be no damage to the private system or the City of West Branch’s water system. 

  1.  Contact the City of West Branch (see below)
  2. Locate the main shut off (usually next to the water meter)
  3. Shut water valve off SLOWLY (slow shut off will help to not create a water hammer)
  4. If no valve can be located near the meter, the City will shut off the water at the curb box
  5. Once the repair has been completed, turn water back on SLOWLY (again, to avoid water hammer)

 (A “Water Hammer” is created when the water is shut off too quickly, which creates a shock wave that will shake the pipes and could create a broken pipe)

In case of a water emergency, please contact Mike Killackey, DPW Superintendent, at: (989)-965-4982

 Mike Killackey
DPW Superintendent
City of West Branch