Water/ Sewer Letter and Address Change Form




January 24, 2019

 Subject:  water/sewer bill

                This letter is in regards to a change in the water/sewer utility ordinance that was recently passed by City Council.  The ordinance will switch the billing from quarterly to monthly based on the following schedule.  A bill for two months (Jan and Feb) will be mailed out in the beginning of March and then the City will bill the first week of every month thereafter.  In addition, the ordinance brought back the renter deposit option which allows for the requirement of a deposit by the renter if the landlord so chooses.  Included with this letter is the new form that will need to be received when a new renter moves in.  Please check in the appropriate box based on if you would like to require the deposit or not.  If required by the landlord, the ordinance calls for a deposit based on an estimated two months of usage.  The current amount of the deposit was calculated based on a national average of monthly water usage.   This amount is only an average and may not be enough to cover two full months due to size of family or water consumption habits.  Please note that in either case, whether you require the deposit or not, any unpaid water/sewer bills are still the final responsibility of the land owner.  This deposit is just a way to help landlords cover any outstanding bills should the renter leave without paying.  Any deposit money left after the renter moves out and all bills are paid will be mailed back to the person who put the deposit down.  If you are able to help us with a forwarding address if you know of one, it would be helpful and appreciated.


 Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have,

 Thank you


 John Dantzer,

City Clerk/Treasurer