1.     The City is looking for a part time cleaning/custodial position.

Office Cleaner/Custodian 

The City of West Branch is seeking a part time employee for the detailed cleaning of the City Hall Offices, City Police department building, and portions of the Department of Public Works offices on a weekly basis. This is a new position, 7-10 hours per week, position responsible for detailed cleaning of the various City offices and meeting spaces on a weekly basis. The work schedule will be flexible, daytime hours. The starting hourly rate will be $14.00 for an average of 7-10 hours per week. This position is temporary, while the new service is being evaluated, and does not include any benefits. The City will provide any necessary training, equipment, or cleaning supplies as needed. Applications for employment are available at the city hall offices or by contacting John Dantzer, City Clerk/Treasurer at 989-345-0500 or by email at

For an employee application please click HERE