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The Brookside Cemetery (as it is known today) was originally located on the site of the current Tolfree Heath Systems Medical Arts Campus (old hospital) on the north side of Houghton Ave in the City of West Branch.  At sometime in the late 1800's the burial sites were moved to "Dead Man's Hill" residing on the easterly side of  Wideman Creek where it remains today.

Although not originally platted until 1903, on February  28, A.D. 1885, the Board of Health of West Branch Township adopted a Resolution naming the (then called) New Cemetery, "Brookside".

Brookside Cemetery is the burial site of many Civil War Service Men including a late Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.  The cemetery has had 8 land expansions since its adoption over a 100 years ago.

The Brookside Cemetery Policy & Map can be viewed/printed by clicking on the links in the left margin of this page.  For information regarding plot purchase, please contact City Hall at 989-345-0500. 

Information on this page was provided with great appreciation to the Ogemaw County Genealogical & Historical Society,
the West Branch Centennial Book Committee, their publications "100 Voices Through 100 Years" ,
"Ogemaw County Historical Review", and the writings of LuAnn Zettle.