Board & Commissions

For more information about the Board and Commissions please select one of the pages within this option.

For an application for an open seat on the Planning Commission, please click HERE.

For an application for an open seat on any board except the Planning Commission, please click HERE.

All board appointments will be subject to the following procedure.

1. Openings will be posted on the City's website under the news flash section and on the City's Facebook page.
2. Applications will be collected until the closing date by City staff and given to the City Manager for his review.
3. The applications will be submitted to the appropriate Board at their first meeting following the closing date of the acceptance of the applications.
4.  The appropriate board will vote on the applicants and submit their recommendation to City Council.
5.  The Mayor will make a motion to appoint applicants to an open seat after taking the recommendation into consideration and his motion will be approved by a majority vote of City Council.
6.   Appointments are typically made within 30 days from the closing date for the acceptance of applications
7.   Each opening may vary slightly so exact details of closing dates and appointment dates will be provided in the notice of opening.