If you are interested in the public good, to the goal of fair, just, and equitable property tax administration, the Board of Review may be perfect board for you.

Members of Board of Review

Dale Peters- Chair
Mike Pugh
Jim Vanwormer (Assessor)

(a)  The Board of Review shall convene in its first session on the second Monday in March of each year at such time of day and place as shall be designated by the Council and shall remain in session for at least four hours for the purpose of considering and correcting the roll. In each case in which the assessed value of any property is increased over the amount shown on the assessment roll as prepared by the assessor, or any property is added to such roll by the Board, or the Board has resolved to consider at its second session such increasing of an assessment or the adding of any property to such roll, the Assessor shall give notice thereof to the owner as shown by such roll by a first class letter mailed not later than the second day following the end of the first session of the Board. Such notice shall state the date, time, place and purpose of the second session of the Board. The failure of the owner to receive such notice shall not invalidate any assessment roll or assessment thereon.