Resolution #94-55


WHEREAS, at a regular meeting held March 21, 1994 Resolution #94-8 was adopted setting forth proposed changes to Section 4.7(g), 12.1(a), 12.1(b), and 12.1(d) of the West Branch City Charter to be voted on by the electorate, and

WHEREAS, these changed and the ballot wordings were approved by the Govenor (Autust 5, 1994) and the Attorney General (August 4, 1994) in accordance with the Home Rule Citites Act, 1909 PA 279, MCL 117.1 et seq.; MSA 5.2071 et seq. and other applicable law, and

WHEREAS, the changes were approved by the voters of the City of West Branch on November 8, 1994 as follows:
PROPOSAL A amending Section 4.7(g).......... Yes - 346, No - 200
PROPOSAL B amending Section 12.......... Yes - 363, No - 155, and

WHEREAS, the changes have been duly filed with the Michigan Secretary of State and the Ogemaw County Clerk,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the referenced changes shall be effective immediately. 
The vote on the adoption of this Resolution was as follows:
Ayes: Dinse, Foltz, Oswald, Richey, M.Smith, T.Smith, Thompson.
Nayes: None
Absent: None

I, the undersigned, Jane Tenant, City Clerk, in and for the City of West Branch, do hereby certify the above to be a true and exact copy of a resolution adopted by the City Council of the City of West Branch at their regular meeting held on December 5, 1994. 

Jane Tenant
City Clerk