If you are interested in providing affordable and diverse wellness opportunities, community-based special events, safe recreational facilities to residents of all ages, and programs that are designed to develop interests and skills, promote healthy lifestyles and socialization and enhance quality of life for all, then the recreation board may be for you.

Recreation Board meets as needed.  This is an advisory board. No specific guidelines are required to serve on it. Must be a citizen of the City of West Branch.

 Denise Lawrence        denisedlawrence@gmail.com
 Lois Berquist  8/10/2015     2/2/2020  bergquistlois@yahoo.com
 Lisa Jensen  01/16/2017     2/2/2021 saurerpickles@gmail.com
 Meredith Schleicher  02/05/2018    02/02/2023  

To view the current Recreation Plan, click HERE