Zoning Administrator

The City of West Branch is responsible for the zoning within the City limits of West Branch.  

Zoning permits can be picked up at City Hall or by clicking HERE.

The Zoning Administrator for the City is City Manager John Dantzer and can be reached at (989) 345-0500 or by email at citymanager@westbranch.com 

Request for Conceptual Site Plan and Site Plan Pre-Application Meeting
The City offers Conceptual Site Plan Meeting and Site Plan Pre-Application Meetings.  An applicant may request a conceptual site plan meeting prior to the required Site Plan Pre-Application meeting.  Conceptual Site Plan meetings and Site Plan Pre-Application meetings can be scheduled by contacting Zoning Administrator, John Dantzer, at 989-345-0500 or by email at citymanager@westbranch.com.  The pre-application meeting is offered to help make the site planning and zoning process as easy as possible for a developer or contractor.

Zoning fees can be paid in person by check, cash, or credit/debit card at City Hall, 121 N. Fourth St., West Branch, MI 48661 during normal business hours of Mon-Fri. from 8:00am-4:30pm.  You can also call in and make a credit card payment over the phone by calling 989-345-0500.  You can also pay online but going to the online payments tab on the home page of our website.  The online payment screen will allow you to use credit/debit card or an online check.  Please be aware that any credit card payment made in person or online will be subject to a 3% processing fee with a minimum charge of $2.00.

For the complete zoning code please click on "Zoning Code" in the column on the left.